Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • In Topics: Customisation 


Family Historian offers many customisations, most of which can be removed as easily as they are created, but there are some exceptions. The following sections explain how to delete each type of customisation.

Warning: When customisations are deleted they are removed from every Project. The exceptions are Chart Files and Place, Address, Keyword, etc, entries in Lists.

Before deleting any customisation it is wise to ensure that a backup copy exists in case it needs to be restored. Customisations can be saved to file by using File > Import/Export > Export and selecting the customisation. Customisations can later be restored by using File > Import/Export > Import. Alternatively, use the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings Plugin.

The Contents for this article (top right) will take you to the instructions for deleting each type of customisation.

Note that it is also possible to delete most customisations by deleting its associated file from the Family Historian Program Data Folder whose location depends on the operating system on your computer. Within this folder there are five folders that contain a Custom sub-folder. The customisation files reside within these sub-folders, and deleting any one of them will delete the matching customisation. The two exceptions are Chart Files and Property Box Tabs.

You may find the sound associated with many deletions annoying; to silence it see Silence Deletion Sound.

Delete a Chart File

A Chart File can also be deleted by locating it in the \Family Historian Projects\{ProjectName}\{ProjectName}.fh_data\Charts\ folder and deleting the .fhc file.

Delete a Diagram Text Scheme

Delete a Diagram Type

  • Use View > Custom Diagrams Types
  • Select Delete Custom Diagram (at bottom of list).
  • Select the diagram type you want to delete from the Custom Diagrams list.
  • Click the Delete button.

Delete a Custom Fact Set

  • Use Tools > FactFacts are one of the key concepts at the heart of Family Historian; they are how you record the things that happened to, or described, each ancestor (Individual). Types or Tools > Work With Fact Sets.
  • Tick the Show Hidden option.
  • Click the Fact Set column heading to sort into order.
  • Select every Fact Label associated with the desired Fact Set.
  • Click the Delete button.

Delete a Plugin

  • Use Tools > Plugins.
  • Select the Plugin from the Plugin List.
  • If necessary click More» to see the Delete button.
  • Click the Delete button.

Delete a Property Box Tab

Open the appropriate type of Property Box.

  • Open the cog Menu and select Customise Data Entry…
  • Select the Tab to be deleted from the Tab: dropdown.
  • Click More Tab Tasks…
  • Click Delete Tab (or Delete Tab button).

Delete a Query

  • Use View > Custom QueriesQuerying is a very powerful feature that allows you to specify and save criteria for identifying a set of records of a given record type. > Delete Custom Query… (at bottom of list)
  • Select the Query from the Custom Queries list
  • Click the Delete button.

A Query can also be deleted in a Query Window by selecting its Query name, and using the cog Query Menu to Delete Custom Query.

Delete a Record Flag

Sometimes after removing a record Flag from every Individual it still persists in the lists, alongside the Living and Private flags (which can’t be deleted).

  • Use Tools > Named ListsNamed Lists are a way in FH to group related items — which can be records of any type(s) — so that you can easily find them to work with. and Flags…
  • Select the unwanted Flag from the Record Flag list
  • Click the Flag Status button and ensure Always include this record flag in flag lists is unticked.
  • Click OK.

Delete a Report Type

Delete Place, Address, Keyword, etc, from Lists

Many fields have an […] edit button that provides a popup List of values for that field. Such Lists cannot be customised, because they are essentially an index compiled from all similar fields in the Project. To remove an entry from the List requires that value to be deleted from every such field in the Project.

To remove an entry from the following lists, its value must be deleted from every associated field.

List Name Field Name Record Types Comment
Place List Place Individual, Family, Place Tools > Work with Data > Places
List of Addresses Address Individual, Family, Repository, Submitter Tools > Work with Data > Addresses
Occupation List Occupation Attribute Individual Tools > Work with Data > Occupations
Religion List Religion Attribute Individual Tools > Work with Data > Religions
Groups/Caste List Group/Caste Attribute Individual Tools > Work with Data > Group/Castes
List of National
or Tribal Origins
or Tribal Origin
Individual Tools > Work with Data > National or Tribal Origins
List of Source Types Type Source Tools > Work with Data > Source Types
Keywords Keywords Media Can’t remove Audio, Document, Picture, Video








Last update: 14 Sep 2020