How to Add Content to the Knowledge Base


Any member of FHUG is welcome to add content to the Knowledge Base, or to update existing content if they believe it can be improved. All we ask of contributors is that they follow the Knowledge Base guidance for content structure and layout, and take care to ensure that their contributions are as accurate and complete as possible. Content produced or updated by new editors will be reviewed before it is published, to check they have followed our guidelines and that what they’ve said is accurate and complete; editors who contribute regularly without encountering review issues will be allowed to skip this review stage.

There are two ways to contribute to the Knowledge Base:

  1. Submit or update simple content (a Download, or a link to a Service or Utility, or to a Member website). You can do this without creating a Knowledge Base account.
  2. Sign up for a Knowledge Base editor’s account, and create or edit all types of content.

Adding or Updating Simple Content without an Account

Under Contribute on the Knowledge Base menu, you will find a set of links to:

Each of these of these will take you to a simple form for the relevant content type, where you specify:

  • A title.
  • One or more of:
    • The relevant categories for the entry;
    • The relevant ƒh versions;
    • A skill level (where appropriate);
    • Additional search terms that will help Knowledge Base users find the entry.
  • Possibly, a URL (depending on what content you’re creating).
  • A simple text description of the content you’re creating, which will be used to create the main body of the content. If you’re replacing an existing entry,  (preferably) supply a complete new entry or provide clear and simple instructions for the changes to be made on your behalf.
  • Your FHUG user id and email address (this will not be displayed or saved in the Knowledge Base, but will be used to verify that you are a member of FHUG).
  • Whether this is a completely new entry, or a total replacement for an existing entry with the same title.

If you haven’t specified a mandatory item (marked with a *) you will not be able to submit your suggestion.

Once you’ve submitted your suggestion, and it passes the site’s spam filter, it will be reviewed to check that (1) you are the FHUG user you say you are; and (2) that there is no malicious content (sad, but necessary these days). If everything is OK, it will then be published. If your submission is associated with a file, we will contact you by email to ask for the file.

If you want to add extra links, images etc. to your simple content, you will need to edit it with an editor’s account.