Automatic Source Citation

Automatic Source Citation is a very powerful tool to ensure you remember to cite Sources for all your conclusions. Prior to entering new information that originates from the same Source, switch on automatic source citation using Tools > Automatic Source Citations. In ƒh6 and ƒh7 there is an enhanced Automatic Source Citation pane that can also be opened by a toolbar button .

As the name suggests each new entry is assigned the source automatically. An example of use is the entry of a branch of a tree from another researcher where the source remains constant; or creating a series of facts and relationships based on the contents of a Birth Certificate.

One useful tip is that, in V6 and above, you can adjust items in the citation, by editing the content of the Automatic Source Citation pane. For example, you could be citing a sequence of birth index records from a ‘lumped’ GRO Index source.   Select the Source in the Automatic Source Citation pane, click the Enable Automatics Source Citations button and edit the Where within Source field to reflect each reference as you create each birth fact.

Don’t forget to Disable the feature when you’ve finished, by clicking on the button that says Enabled.

See “Getting the Most From Family Historian” Chapter 11/12 – Recording Your Sources for more details.


Last update: 24 Feb 2024