Finding Records Linked to a Source

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Sources and Citations 

It can be very useful to see the records linked to a single source. For example, if you have linked multiple individuals to a Census Household schedule, or a Passenger List, you may wish to identify the people who were together at the time.

Version 7 and later versions

Select the Source record in the main Records Window list under the Sources tab and use the View > CitationsA link between a source and a fact, documenting Where within the source you find information being “cited” to support the fact/conclusion. to Source Record… command.

Open the Source record Property Box and use the cog Menu > Show Source Record’s Citations in Result Window option.

Version 6 and later versions ~ Find Search

If you use Method 2 (Lumper) sources, you may wish to see everything that links to a particular Source with a particular Where within Source value (for example, you may wish to find everyone what was in a particular household or on the same page of a census schedule. (This approach does rely on you using the same value for Where within Source for all individuals in the same household or on the same page).

Use Edit > Find….  Enter the Where within Source value you wish to find in Search for:. In Look in deselect everything except Other Fields. Click the Find Now button. You will find it easier to view the results if you next click the Display Results in Results Window button.

Version 5 and later versions ~ Plugins

Since ƒh V5, Plugins are available that have a couple of advantages over other options, as they show every item (Event, Attribute, Name, Record, etc) that the Source is linked to, and double clicking on any cell in the Results Set window will take you directly to that item in the Property Box. Right-click on a cell for other display options.

Two relevant Plugins are:

  • List All Citations for a Selected Source for one Source at a time.
  • Where Used Record Links that works for multiple selections of any other record type as well as Source records. If you use Method 2 (Lumper) sources, you can sort by Where within Source citation values and it allows minor inconsistencies to be spotted.

Version 4 and later versions

  • Select the Source record in the main Records Window list under the Sources tab.
  • Use View > Record Links…. The Record Links window will appear showing all Individuals with Citations linked to the selected Source.
  • In the example shown, this Source (for a Census record) has citations linking to 5 people who all appeared in the census household that the source refers to. You will see that the individuals each have multiple links. This is because the source is linked to the Census event for all 5 people and to an occupation attribute, birth year or other fact for some of them.
  • By selecting one Individual in the Record Links dialogue it is possible to go straight to the properties for that individual by clicking on the Go To button.


Alternatively, a Query can be used to list every Fact that cites the Source record, e.g. Query:Fact ~ Facts Linked to a Source.





Last update: 22 Feb 2024