To-Do List Attribute


This technique creates a Custom Attribute in which the Note field holds labelled details of Work In Progress or Research To Do for the associated Individual; and a dedicated custom Property Box Tab provides a convenient shortcut to create, access, and update these details.

Be aware: Most aspects of this design support only one To Do Attribute per Individual.

A summary of these details for all Individuals can be created using Custom Queries or by Customise or Print Records Window Columns.

The Download To Do Lists provides the predefined queries, reports, custom attribute and property box tab that you need to implement this approach, and can also form a starting point for your own customisations. What follows are some hints and tips for further customisation, and for following the approach.

The Custom To-Do Attribute

In ƒh V4 or earlier, whenever creating a To Do Attribute, enter the Date as 0001 and it will appear at the head of the Facts tab. Conversely, enter 9999 and it will appear at the bottom of the Facts tab.

It is intended that To Do tasks are added to the Note field, one paragraph per task, with a unique Label at the beginning of each paragraph, such as Birth: or Baptism: or Census:. The benefit of these Labels will become clear later under The Custom Queries and Create Custom Column.

To exclude this Attribute from Reports see Housekeeping below.

The Custom Tab

This provides a quick way to create and change the To Do Attribute.

The custom tab looks like this and you can type directly into the note window, or edit existing entries.

The Custom Queries

The Result Set of either of these Queries may be Printed or Saved to produce a To Do Report.

To Do List

This Query will produce a list of every Individual with a To Do entry, tabulated with a Column for each task Label.

To Do Tasks

This Query will produce a list of every Individual with any one chosen To Do task Label. To allow the list to be sorted in Surname order see how to Sort Fact Query on Owner Surname.

How to Create A Custom Column

This technique adds one or more Columns to the Individual Records Window to identify To Do entries.

Open the Individual Records Window (View > Records Lists > Individuals, then select Lists > Configure Record Window Columns).

Scroll down the bottom of the left hand pane, select <Other…> and click the > button in the centre.

Set the ‘Add Column’ fields as follows:

Heading To Do
Expression =TextIf(GetLabelledText( %INDI._ATTR-TO_DO.NOTE2%, "Birth:" )="", "", "Birth:" )
Default Sort Direction Descending
Click the OK button

Now all Individuals with a To Do entry labelled Birth: are at the top of the Record Window.

To extend this idea for To Do entries with other Labels you could add a separate Column for each Label. However, the following Expression combines them all into one Column but must be entered all on one line:

 TextIf( GetLabelledText( %INDI._ATTR-TO_DO.NOTE2%, "Birth:"   ) = "", "", "Birth: "   ) . 
 TextIf( GetLabelledText( %INDI._ATTR-TO_DO.NOTE2%, "Baptism:" ) = "", "", "Baptism: " ) . 
 TextIf( GetLabelledText( %INDI._ATTR-TO_DO.NOTE2%, "Census:"  ) = "", "", "Census: "  ) 

Just keep adding similar

.TextIf( GetLabelledText( %INDI._ATTR-TO_DO.NOTE2%, "Label:" ) = "", "", "Label: " ) 

expressions for each To Do Label:.

The Custom To Do Report

This report shows the To Do List for each individual you select.


Remember that you may want to customise any Report that you use regularly to exclude the To Do Attributes from the Reports.

To exclude the To Do Attribute, open the Report Options > Contents tab and under Individual Events/Attributes select Exclude List.

Click the Edit List button, and add the Attribute named To Do to the list by using the > button.

Click the OK button once to exit List Editor and again to exit the Options > Content tab.

Last update: 23 Feb 2024