Individuals List

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Reports 

A simple report listing of all Individuals, one per line, as requested by a ‘The Next Generation’ (TNG) user on the mailing list, for hard-copy reference purposes. Includes pool number, full name, (Sex), [record id], life dates and place of birth.

Produced by admin (10/08/04)


Shows result of custom Report


This download is derived from Publish > Individual Summary Report with the Report Options shown below that hide most data. The Help button on each tab offers customisation advice.
* Contents tab:
* Clear every tick option.
* Individual Events/Attributes and Marriage Events/Attributes both select List Only with empty lists.
* Main Section Items used Edit on each item to select Hide and click OK button.
* Pictures tab has Max Pics set to 0 for each type.
* Sources tab has Show Source Citations clear.
* Index tab has Enable Index clear.
* Format tab:
* Heading Level 1 used Edit Font: Arial and Style: Regular and Size: 8 with other fonts irrelevant.
* Hdg Level 1 used Edit to set above & below Gap to 0 pt without Horizontal Line and Keep with Next: 1 line with other styles irrelevant.
* Record used Edit to Show Heading Text: =RelationPool() %INDI.NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST% (%INDI.SEX%) [=RecordID()] Dates =LifeDates2() %INDI.BIRT.PLAC% that shows data of each person.
* Every other Heading used Edit to select Hide and click OK button.
* Page Layout tab:
* Margins have been reduced.
* Header has Left-aligned Text: Printed on =Date() and Right-aligned Text: Page =Page()
* Footer has all text cleared.
* Start records on new page is cleared so Record headings are on consecutive lines.
* The Indents have been reduced but that is irrelevant.

Download: Individuals List