Sub Categories

    Family Historian Activation
    Family Historian 7 uses a new system of online activation that creates a number of practical differences in program installation compared with previous versions
    Family Historian Installation Advice
    The installation and upgrade information on the Family Historian website is the to go for information on installing and upgrading as the program authors have a complete guide that answers the majority of the questions
    Family Historian Installation Problems
    This advice applies to installation issues
    Family Historian on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc
    Family Historian is designed to run on Windows computers
    Running Family Historian on a Virtual Machine
    This advice has been obtained from FHUG members who have succeeded in installing Family Historian (FH) and Ancestral Sources (AS) into Oracle VirtualBox for Mac OS X Hosts
    Running Family Historian on Crossover
    The advice below applies to the current version of Crossover the Windows emulator from CodeWeavers and is a a variant of Wine from WineHQ
    Running Family Historian on PlayOnLinux/Mac
    The advice below applies to these or later stable versions of PlayOnMac/Linux
    Running Family Historian on Wine
    The advice below applies to these or later stable versions of Wine from Wine HQ