Searching and Filtering

There are times when a Query is overkill — you simply want, for example, to locate a single individual in your data, or to find all occurrences of a particular phrase, or to replace instances of a word. ƒh provides simple searching and filtering capability to let you do this.

Version 5


The Find Record dialog allows you to search for text you specify. It is accessed via:

You can choose the record type to search (or All Record Types) and whether to search in Names, Titles, Notes or All Text Fields; Use Find First to move to the first record found and then Find Next to move to each subsequent record in turn. Getting the Most from Family Historian V5 has more on this feature (Chapter 7, page 73).

Quick Search

In the Individual Record Window, you can enter all or part of an Individual’s name in the Name field at the top of the window to find the first record that contains the relevant text. Press F3 to step through other matches.

Version 6

Find, and Find and Replace

The Find Record dialog allows you to search for text you specify. It is accessed via

In Version 6, you have a wider choice of where to search, and can see all the search results in a list or display then in a Results window (similar to the Results Window in a Query).

Find Record Dialog [V6]

You also have a Find and Replace command (Edit > Find and Replace…).


From What’s New in FH6: Filters at the top of record lists make it much quicker and easier to find the record you want.  For example, you can filter on surname or given name, or parts of either or both, when viewing lists of Individual records.  Similar filtering is available for other record types, with options that are appropriate for each record type.

Alternatively (or additionally) if you click on a record list and type the first few characters of the record title (e.g. an Individual’s name), the first matching record will be selected.

See more about using Record Lists at The Records Window

Search and Replace Plugin

The Search and Replace plugin offers a comprehensive set of options for searching and replacing text in [fh] versions 5 and above.

Last update: 13 Sep 2020