Remember Current Record(s)


It is a common requirement to be able to remember which records you are working on between sessions of using Family Historian. There is no automatic mechanism for this, but there are several techniques described below that in some ways are better.

See also Wish List Ref 255 Remember current record when FH re-opened or ged updated externally for which you may wish to vote.

Records Window Updated Column

In the Records Window, on the tabs for most record types, there is an Updated column that holds a date-time stamp of when each record was last changed. Hold down the ALT key and click on the Updated column heading to sort it into order with the most recent changes listed first.

If that is likely to be regularly used, then change the default sort order to avoid having to hold down the ALT key. Right-click on the Updated column heading and choose Sort Descending.

Records Window Named Lists

In the Records Window use Lists > Named Lists Pane to display the Named Lists on the right. Any records of any type can be added to any Named List to provide shortcuts to all the records you are working on. See Using Named Lists for details of this extremely powerful technique.

Focus Window File Root

Since ƒh Version 4 the Focus Window initially displays the File Root. So to remember the Individual you are working on, temporarily make them the File Root. Display them in the Focus Window, then right-click their box and choose Make File Root before closing the session. In the next session it is just as easy to restore your usual File Root.

Create Individual Shortcut Plugin

The Create Individual Shortcut Plugin creates a command file on the PC Desktop that automatically opens ƒh with any chosen Individual in the Focus Window or Records Window. It can even create several such command files for different Individuals in different GEDCOM files.

Last update: 14 Sep 2020