Calico Pie

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V4, V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Other Sources of Help 


Calico Pie Limited is the company who have produced Family Historian software since 2002.

On their website, they provide:

  • information about the latest version of the software for those thinking of buying it
  • support information, including frequently asked questions
  • information about available documentation
  • a 30-day free trial download of the software
  • a download of the latest free upgrade for licensed users of the current version
  • an archive of downloads relating to previous versions
  • an online store selling their products

Licence Agreement

If you want to check what your licence agreement with Calico Pie allows, the terms and conditions can be found post-installation at C:\Program Files (x86)\Family Historian\Program\Licence.txt (On on 32-bit PC)  C:\Program Files\Family Historian\Program\Licence.txt.

The latest licence agreement can also be found at Version 7 Licence Agreements.

It includes this information about running on 2 PCs:

You may not install or activate the Software on more than one device at any given time, unless you have purchased a licence which explicitly specifies a maximum number of allowed simultaneous installations, in which case you may not install, activate or run the Software, at any given time, on more than that specified number of devices. Unless your licence explicitly specifies otherwise, it is for personal use only, which means that an additional condition for installing or activating the Software on more than one device (if permitted at all) is that all such devices must be owned, kept and used by you, and no more than one person may use the Software at any one time.

Typically, ƒh licences allow the software to be installed on 2 devices..

Problem Reporting

If you encounter a problem or fault with Family Historian that cannot be resolved in the FH User Group, then report it via the Help > Technical Support command within the software, or visit the Family Historian Support Centre (use the support centre link at the bottom of this article).

You will be taken to the Family Historian Support Centre ~ Open a New Ticket page where the problem can be described and (if necessary) a screenshot or other files attached.

You are advised to use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture screen-shots as it is free in every current version of Windows.

Support Centre Ticket System

It is best to use the same Email Address for every New Ticket.

After using Create Ticket you should receive a Support Ticket Opened [#123456] message via that Email Address, which supplies a 6-digit Number and a hyperlink to access the ticket. Don’t lose those details or it will be difficult to view the ticket’s progress.

Alternatively, in the Check Ticket Status page, enter the same Email Address, enter the Ticket Number, and click Email Access Link to obtain a Ticket [#123456] Access Link message with the same hyperlink as above. Anyone who used the earlier Email support service can employ this technique to access their original tickets providing they enter their original Email Address and know the Ticket Number.

Lost Your Licence or Download Install?

If you are contacting support use the email you originally purchased on or include it in the ticket, as they search the licence database by email address. Note, if you purchased a Box or CD copy they can not replace missing or lost CDs or licence sheets.

Last update: 01 Apr 2021