Ancestral Sources Migration Guide


It is becoming likely that someday you will update Windows or buy a new PC and need to re-install Ancestral Sources (AS).

As well as installing AS, all Backups, Logs, Settings, Options, and Templates will need to be migrated.


These few steps define how to migrate from an old PC to a new PC.

  • On both PC ensure the latest version of AS is installed.
  • On both PC use Tools > Options in AS and note the location of the three AS Folders.
  • On the old PC use Tools > Backup A.S. Options to save the settings.
  • Close AS on both PC.
  • Copy the AS Folders from old PC to new PC using Windows/File Explorer via some intermediate storage such as a USB pen drive memory stick.
  • On the new PC run AS and use its Tools > Restore A.S. Options to restore the settings.

Use a similar technique, but with the steps in a different order, to migrate from an old Windows version to a new Windows version on the same PC.

Last update: 28 Jan 2021