Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Configure Initial Settings

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • In Topics: Using Ancestral Sources 


The Ancestral Sources tutorials require the following settings to be established in order to operate correctly.

However, the settings only need to be configured once before undertaking a series of tutorials.

Note that all Options, Templates, and Tools settings apply equally to all Projects, but they can be different in each Windows User Account.

Reset Family Historian

Family Historian Version 4.1 (or later) needs its Family Historian Sample Project to be reset to its installation state.

Select File > Project Window…, then select More Tasks… button, Samples, Reset Sample Project, and answer Yes or OK to all prompts.

Close Family Historian, and if it prompts to create a Backup, choose the Skip button option.


Reset Ancestral Sources

Ancestral Sources must have its original installation settings.

Before resetting Ancestral Sources it is important to preserve your custom settings, by using Tools > Backup A.S. Options….
These can be restored later using Tools > Restore A.S. Options….

To reset Ancestral Sources, use Tools > Options… > Reset button, select Reset to original installation settings, and click OK twice.

This not only resets all Tools > Options… settings, but also Tools > Customise Fonts, every Tools > Flag Assignment…, and all Census > Census Flag Settings….

Click the Open button on the left of the toolbar, and select either the Family Historian Sample Project or the Sample.ged file created above.

Then use File > Make Current Project/File Default to ensure this database is chosen if Ancestral Sources is closed and opened.

Notice that the members of the sample Munro family tree are listed in the top right-hand panel.

Last update: 11 Sep 2020