Diagram Options Dialog

The Diagram Options Dialog is normally used to configure the current Diagram Window. If Save as default is checked (bottom-left corner of the dialog) the options are saved as default settings. The default settings are used whenever a new Diagram Window is opened using any of the 4 default diagram types (i.e. one of the 4 diagrams available from the main application toolbar).

You can use the Diagram Options Dialog just for updating the default settings, without affecting any open Diagram Windows. To do this, click on Diagram Defaults… on the Tools menu. In this mode, there is no Save as default check box.

If you open one of the pre-configured standard or custom diagrams, or any saved charts, these have their own diagram settings, which will replace whatever settings you were previously using.

The Diagram Options Dialog has 7 tabs. These are:

Tip A quick way to access the Diagram Options Dialog is to right-click on any unused area of the current Diagram Window, and select Diagram Options… from the context menu that appears.

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