Diagram Options Dialog: Pictures Tab


Preference Set this to None if you do not wish to view pictures. Otherwise choose 1st, unless you have some particular reason to want to use a less-preferred picture.
Include OLE Objects Include OLE Objects as pictures? You will usually want to leave this unchecked.
… for Box Types Select the Box Types that you want to display pictures in. See the manual “Getting the Most from Family Historian” for a discussion of box types. If in doubt, check Ancestors, Descendants and Spouses only.
Picture Position If you want the picture to appear to the left or right of the text, set this accordingly. If you want the picture to appear within the text, select Within the text. The picture will appear at the ‘picture marker’ in the current text scheme. The picture marker is a special code that is used in text schemes, to indicate where pictures should go, if they are being displayed within the text. If your text scheme has no picture marker, the picture will be displayed at the end of the text. If that is not what you want, you should modify the text scheme to set the picture marker appropriately (see Diagram Options Dialog: Text Tab).
Maximum Picture Height Maximum allowed height for pictures within boxes.
Shrink Large Pictures If you tick To maximum picture height, boxes will be made taller if necessary, to house large pictures.

If you tick To height of box (if smaller) pictures will adjust to the height of the box, rather than vice versa.

Enlarge small pictures to same height Tick this if you wish pictures that are smaller than the height of the box, or the maximum picture height, to be enlarged.
Wrap text round picture Display text both alongside and below pictures, when pictures are displayed at the side.
Border round picture Puts a black frame round each picture.
Picture Margins Gaps to leave around pictures.

Tick Only use picture margins when displaying pictures ‘within the text’ if that is what you want (this is a common requirement, as it often looks better to have no margins, when pictures are displayed at the side).

Installation Settings Restores all options on this tab back to their installation defaults.
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