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Reference 553
Title Better Diagram Box Format Options
Category Diagrams
Description Diagrams are mainly composed of Family Tree Box items and inserted items such as Text Box, Picture, Rectangle, Line, Pie Shape, etc.

The Diagram > Format dialogues, and Diagram > Options > Boxes > Box Features dialogue, are annoyingly inconsistent, so lack some useful features, especially the ability to selectively override any Family Tree Box Text &/or Icons. This request suggests ways to rectify those deficiencies.

This proposal is based on the Diagram > Format dialogue for a Text Box with tabs for the features, but some tabs may not apply to all items:

  • Line & Fill tab ~ no change, and applies to all items.
  • Shape & Shadow tab with combined features from the Diagram > Format dialogues for both a Family Tree Box and a Text Box.
    i.e. Box Shape, Box Shadow, Rotation and Lock aspect ratio. Does not apply to Line items
  • Picture & Icons tab with combined features from both the Diagram > Format and Box Features dialogues for a Family Tree Box.
    i.e. Picture preferences, and Icon selection. May not apply to all types of items.
  • Text & Data tabs only for Family Tree Box, Text Box, and Pie Shape with Text items. It would be useful to somehow allow different sections of Text to have different Font styles & Alignment. Thus in any Family Tree Box the text can be selectively overridden, and in any Text Box header and body text can have different styles.
Importantly, the dialogue settings must default to the settings applicable to the selected item.
(Currently this is not the case for the Diagram > Format dialogue for a Family Tree Box.)
Also the colour palette must be integrated with the permanently saved colour palette as per Ref 519 Custom colour palette - saving options etc.

Preferably, the Diagram > Options > Boxes > Box Features dialogue should adopt all those same tabs, but the Text & Data tabs may behave purely as override settings for any existing text.
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Added Friday 23rd September 2016 10:58 PM
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