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Reference 546
Title Enhanced use of Narrative Template Codes
Category Reports
Description Fact Type narrative Sentence Templates now support Expressions with Functions & Data Refs as well as Codes.

Codes in Functions
Data Refs and Codes are often interchangeable.
e.g. %FACT.NOTE2% = {note}
So the following should work:
{=TextIf( Exists({date}), {date}, EstimatedBirthDate(...) )}
but such Codes are disallowed in Functions, so must use a very complex set of Functions to format the date.
This request is to allow such Codes inside Functions.

Additional Codes
The following additional Codes are requested:
{witnote} is {%CUR~WITN.NOTE2%}
{note(x)} is =GetParagraph(%FACT.NOTE%,x)
{addr(x)} is =GetParagraph(%FACT.ADDR%,x)
{note("x")} is =GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE%,"x")
{addr("x")} is =GetLabelledText(%FACT.ADDR%,"x")
{plac(x,y)} is =TextPart(%FACT.PLAC%,x,y)
{addr(x,y)} is =TextPart(%FACT.ADDR%,x,y)
{noperiod} inhibits final full-stop and next capital
{citations} to force {blank} text citations

See WEB LINK for further details.
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Added Monday 15th August 2016 10:10 PM
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