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Reference 536
Title Use Orientation meta-data in Media images
Category Multimedia
Description Proposal:
Optionally use the EXIF Orientation meta-data held in certain types of image, such as .JPG, and rotate the image accordingly wherever displayed, such as in thumbnails, Reports and Diagrams. This must be optional per Media record, because the EXIF Orientation can be wrong.

Digital cameras, smart phones, or tablets with Orientation detection may set Orientation in the EXIF meta-data to say which way up the camera was when the image was taken. The image may or may not be displayed correctly on a PC depending on the utility used and whether it handles EXIF data.

See the WEB LINK for further details.
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Rating 3.5
Added Saturday 07th May 2016 03:58 AM
Last Vote Tuesday 03rd July 2018 02:00 AM


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