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Title Custom colour palette - saving options etc.
Category Diagrams
Description Overview
To permanently save custom colours.

Custom colours exist in two palettes, only one which has a save function. The colours selected for the second palette are only available for the duration of the session.

I would like all Custom Colours to use a single custom colour palette which can be saved or, failing that, for the two separate palettes both to be savable.

As discussed in a recent thread, at present the only Custom Colours that can be saved permanently in a custom colour palette are those used in:

Diagram Options > General tab > Sundry Colours and
Diagram Options > General tab > Background > Options

A separate custom colour palette, called ‘Custom Colors’ (American spelling, even when the language preference is set to UK) is used for all of the following:
Insert into Diagram > (shape, line, etc) > Format > Line and Fill Color
Diagram Options > General tab > Relationship descriptions > Font > Colour
Diagram Options > General tab > No-offspring marker > Options Color
Diagram Options > General tab > Check for Duplicates > Options > Edit Line/Fill Color
Diagram Options > General tab > Number out-of-sequence spouses > Font > Colour
Diagram Options > Text tab Edit Text Scheme: Font Edit > << Select > Colour
Diagram Options > Boxes tab Edit Features for Box Fill, Box Line & Text Colour
Diagram Options > Lines tab Normal/Crossing Lines colour
The colours selected for this palette are available for the duration of the session using FH but the palette cannot be saved beyond the current session.
They can be retrieved by copying each one from a saved chart or by keeping note of the numerical values of Hue, Sat, Lum, Red, Green, Blue but this is unnecessarily cumbersome.
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Added Wednesday 05th December 2012 09:57 PM
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