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Title Word-processing facilities for note and source text (italics, bold, tables, etc)
Category Properties Dialog
Description The following closed WLitems have been merged into this one as they essentially call for the same thing.
This may have been a mistake as Nick notes '..I don't really think these are related to having word-processing facilities for note or source text. Wishlist items #251, #357, #455 and #470 all seem to be about adding functions to queries or sentences. I don't think these wishes would be fulfilled by adding wp facilities.

WL#251 33 votes rating 3.8 [PROVIDED in FH V6]
Option to insert new paragraph marker in Fact Set Sentences.
Option/code to allow a Fact Sentence to force a new paragraph.

WL#357 37 votes rating 3.6 [PROVIDED in FH V6]
Allow sentence templates to accept data expressions and functions.
This would allow a greater amount of flexibility in sentences, to allow such things as adding ages to census or other events and complete customisation of sentences, such as omitting the spouses surname from family events, such as family census.

WK#455 5 votes rating 2.2
New function FormatText()
Hiya Simon,
Please could we have a FormatText() function?
And maybe a FormatDate() one too?
The idea is that we can format text into commonly-used formats, such as uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, etc. In other words, what most word processing software will do.
I would like to see it added so that it could be used in Queries and in the Text Schemes which you can use in diagrams. Reports would be be very useful too.
One particular gripe of mine (unless anyone can put me right), is that if I include "relationship to" in a diagram box, it always comes out lowercase, which conflicts with the look of everything else in the box.
Another useful function, on exactly the same lines, could be a Format Date() function.
Function prototypes:
FormatText(Format, TextToFormat)
FormatDate(Format, DateToFormat)
e.g. =FormatText("InitCaps",Relationship([""],%INDI%,TEXT,1))
or =FormateDate("YYYY-DD-MMM",%INDI.BIRT.DATE)
or some such, you get the idea.

WL#470 6 votes rating 3.3 [PROVIDED in FH V6]
Ability to force new lines in sentence templates.
When producing genealogical reports, it would be nice if different facts, such as occupations and residences, could be bullet pointed or placed on different lines.
Currently, everything is reported in one long gibberishy paragraph (potentially over a page long) which appears as though it has been written by somebody of low intelligence/not possessing the basics of grammar, etc.

I currently bypass the above problem by using The Complete Genealogical Reporter at added expense (so add that to the cost of Family Historian if coherent genealogical reports are desired), but I feel the ability to produce a sensible and coherent report should be one of the most important features of any genealogical software.
I was always complimented on my Family Tree Maker reports, so perhaps a few ideas could be learnt from there.
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Votes 174
Rating 4.1
Added Tuesday 08th August 2006 12:12 AM
Last Vote Tuesday 15th September 2020 10:44 PM
Released in version 7.0


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