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Title How Related Diagram on each CD/DVD/Webpage
Category Web Site Creation
Description Overview
To include an option to create and link a How Related diagram between the root and every individual/family webpage.

I get one or two emails a month from people who have found my FH5 produced webpages.
They invariably ask what the connection is (despite my having included a custom 'How I'm Related' statement).
In response I create a diagram from the 'How Related' option, remove Private Flagged people and send them that.

During the web page production, a separate web page containing an image file of the path between the root and the individual
or family could be created and linked to in the 'See Also' section. This would be optional.

See related Wish List Ref 246 Family Tree Diagrams in CD/DVD/Website pages
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Added Friday 28th September 2012 06:29 PM
Last Vote Tuesday 17th December 2019 10:19 PM


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