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Reference 502
Title Ancestor and Descendants diagram - do not display others
Category Diagrams
Description To fix the Ancestors & Descendants diagram so that it complies with the description of
" simply the grafting of an Ancestors diagram on top of a Descendants diagram".

Users have noted the at installation, the A&D diagram has and excess of siblings and their offspring etc.

Customisation can result in non-display of most un-asked for individuals, but not all.

The diagram should be as per its title.

(Note This is actually a duplicate of WL#297

The Hourglass (Ancestors and Descendants) Diagram
includes the siblings of the root, making it more of an
Hourglass with belt.

Can you add a selection in Diagram Options for this
type of diagram to turn root siblings on or off.

The default should be on for compatibility with the existing
FH functionality.

I've closed that one in preference to this one)
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Votes 6
Rating 3.2
Added Thursday 26th July 2012 03:51 PM
Last Vote Monday 21st July 2014 11:23 PM


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