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Title New Function FormatText()
Category Queries
Description New Function FormatText()
Hiya Simon,
please could we have a FormatText() function?
And maybe a FormatDate() one too?
The idea is that we can format text into commonly-used formats, such as
uppercase, lowercase, sentence case etc. In other words, what most word
processing software will do.
I would like to see it added so that it could be used in Queries and in the
Text Schemes which you can use in diagrams. Reports would be be very useful too.
One particular gripe of mine (unless anyone can put me right), is that if I
include "relationship to" in a diagram box, it always come out lowercase,
which conlicts with the look of everything else in the box.
Another useful function, on exactly the same lines, could be a
Format Date() function.
Function prototypes:
FormatText(Format, TextToFormat)
FormatDate(Format, DateToFormat)
e.g. =FormatText("InitCaps",Relationship([""],%INDI%,TEXT,1))
or =FormateDate("YYYY-DD-MMM",%INDI.BIRT.DATE)
or some such, you get the idea.
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Added Wednesday 26th May 2010 05:03 PM
Last Vote Friday 02nd November 2018 09:19 PM


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