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Reference 312
Title DRA to start at current expression
Category General
Description When using the Data Reference Assistant it alwasy starts at the top.

When you've selected a field and placed it in the expression,
if you want to edit the expression you have to start at the very beginning.
It would be better, and more helpful if the DRA opened up where
the current experssion expands to.

Basically if you used the DRA to select a field, when you next use
the DRA it should open up where you last were.

Considering the number of places where similarly named fields
(notes is one example) can be accessed, trying to remember
which one was the one you last used as you try
and find the actual one you want to use can be very trying.

Jon Axtell      Posted on: 12/02/07 at 23:14:48 GMT
Votes 8
Rating 2.8
Added Monday 19th February 2007 11:19 PM
Last Vote Thursday 02nd August 2012 08:05 PM


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