Map Life Facts ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

BEWARE: Plugin only works with fh V5 if Windows > Control Panel > Region and Language > Decimal symbol is a dot (.) character.

Features of V4.6

  • Allow all unreserved URI characters including hyphen, dot & tilde ( - . ~ ) in a personal API Key
  • Fix a problem with iup.Tree leaf Title attribute truncating Place names to 254 characters
  • Fix a problem with Google Maps not rubbing out map markers correctly

Features of V4.5

  • Fix a major problem with Google Maps API scripts raising error messages
  • Improve initialisation of maps by deferring until API scripts have loaded

Features of V4.4

  • Fix a problem with detecting the old format map files

Features of V4.3

  • The Leaflet Maps mode alternative to Google Maps is supported
  • Plot Markers can be added & dragged to set Latitude & Longitude values
  • Place List entries are grouped by first alphanumeric character disregarding leading symbols such as & < > ' " \

Features of V4.2

  • The Google Maps Geocoder supports the API Key needed to unlock its services after 11th June 2018
  • Emigration and Immigration facts now fully implement both their Place names
  • The symbols & < > ' " \ that might occur in Place or Address fields are now handled correctly
  • Windows XP & Windows Vista systems are barred as they are incompatible with the Google Maps Geocoder

Features of V4.1

  • Fixes display of UTF-8 accented characters in some lists
  • Fixes problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed

Features of V4.0

  • Ignores any Location Address or Place names enclosed in [[ brackets ]]
  • Fixes a problem with the Database Management option to Erase Addr ~ Place Database

Features of V3.9

  • Improves the Google Maps Geocoder mapping of place names with hyphens such as Stoke-upon-Trent
  • Ensures the best stable version of Google Maps Geocoder API is employed
  • Fixes a No Plot status error when Location details are in V6 Place Records

Features of V3.8

  • Handles new Geocoder response of Unknown Error that indicates a server problem
  • Forces Google Maps Geocoder to use version 3.18 to support Windows XP IE v8

Features of V3.7

  • Cancels workaround for Control Panel custom Decimal symbol as now corrected by FH V6.0.2
  • CD/Website map page style closely matches FH CD/Website fhstyle.css and user customisations
  • CD/Website map page plots optionally exclude any Facts not listed in FH CD/Website pages

Features of V3.6

  • Supports Control Panel customisation of Decimal symbol in Lat/Longitude to be dot (.) or comma (,)
  • Fixes problems with the Database Management tab and the Location/Individual List item colours

Features of V3.5

  • Manual Locations are now named Defined Locations associated with the Next Defined button
  • The Next Plotted button only finds the next Plotted Location excluding all Defined Locations
  • Any Individual without a name is now listed as an [unnamed person]
  • The Location/Individual List dialogue window position and size is now saved
  • Various Database Management problem fixes plus improvements to the user interface

Features of V3.4

  • Fix problems integrating with Place Records and other Location Plot Options
  • Fix problems with reading existing V5 plotted Locations database

Features of V3.3

  • Supports fh V6 with Unicode characters and Place Records
  • Better support for Emigration/Immigration with To/From _PLAC field
  • Various updates including Check Version in Store, XP Tooltips, etc

Features of V3.2

Features of V3.1

  • New Address ~ Place options
  • Fixed Delete key bug in Substitute/Latitude/Longitude fields

Features of V3.0

  • Ensure every user interface window background is white in all PC configurations

Features of V2.9

  • Minor updates

Features of V2.8

Features of V2.7

Features of V2.6

  • Support Quota Warning on all Plot/Map buttons

Features of V2.5

  • Add Quota Warning about exceeding 2,500 plots per 24 hours

Features of V2.4

  • Add Region Bias Code option
  • Use bell blob for newline in Address fields as in Family Historian

Features of V2.0 to V2.3

  • Improved GUI and Help

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