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If the Smart Geocoding Set Preference Option is ticked, then the various codes and abbreviations defined below are translated before sending to the Google Maps Geocoder. These codes and abbreviations are only recognised if comma separated in a Place or Address field.
e.g. Exmouth, WA, AUS or Surrey, BC, CAN or Irvine, AYR, UK or Banbury, Oxon, GBR or Bedford, TX, USA.

  • Australian State Postal Abbreviations from States and Territories of Australia.
    • e.g. ACT or NSW or NT or QLD or Qld or SA or TAS or Tas or VIC or Vic or WA, AUS.
    • The codes NT and WA conflict with Canadian and U.S. abbreviations, and are only correctly recognised if followed by Australia or AUS, or the Region Bias Code is au Australia.
  • Chapman Codes from Chapman Codes for UK & Eire Counties.
    • e.g. AYR or BRK or DEV or FER or GLA or LIN or MAY or PER, SCT or SOM, UK.
    • The codes ARM, HUN, KEN, NFK, PER and SOM conflict with ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 Country Codes and are only correctly recognised if followed by another comma separated field such as UK, or the Region Bias Code is uk United Kingdom.
    • Some Chapman Codes are not plotted entirely accurately because their old place names have no modern equivalent in the Google Maps Geocoder.
  • All forms of Yorkshire such as Yorkshire East Riding or North Yorkshire are translated to Yorkshire, England that is better recognised by the Google Maps Geocoder.

Other plotting precision enhancements may be added later.

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