Map Life Facts ~ Manage Quota Limits


To prevent any charges it is possible to set API Quotas to keep within the $200 monthly free credit.

If any API Quotas are exceeded then Plugin Status: Geocoder API Quota Exceeded will arise until the next day or month.


To manage API Quotas, open the Google Cloud Platform Console page and click APIs & Services > Dashboard on the left.

APIs & Services Dashboard

If the Geocoding API or Maps JavaScript API are not listed, click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES at the top, then select them from under Maps, and ENABLE them. If necessary, use the Search for APIs and Services with Geocoding as the search word.

If the API restrictions were constrained to just the Geocoding API and Maps JavaScript API in the Get Personal API Key management, or only those two API are enabled here, then only they need Quota limits.

In the Dashboard under API, click on Geocoding API and Maps JavaScript API in turn, and then open their Quotas tab.

In the Quotas tab, click the pen icon against any Limit to adjust its value as below.

Geocoding API

The Premium plan web service requests and Premium plan Javascript API requests can be ignored, and only the Requests limits below need restricting.

Geocoding API Quotas

Set the Requests per day to 15,000 to keep within the $200 free credit.
Set both Requests per 100 seconds to 5,000, which is far greater than the Plugin rate.

The $200 free credit offers 400,000 requests per month based on $0.50 per 1000 requests. That is about 13,000 per day, which plus the 2,500 free requests per day, is well over 15,000 and that should be plenty for most Plugin users. See Google Geocoding Usage Limits for details.

Maps JavaScript API

Maps JavaScript API Quotas

Set the Map loads per day to the 25,000 free usage limit.

Every month Google Payments <> will send a Google Cloud Platform & APIs Email with an attached PDF invoice for £0.00 and giving details of usage counts.

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