Map Life Facts ~ Get Personal API Key


The API Key is a 39 character alphanumeric code provided after creating the Billing Account.

The are many API but ensure the Geocoding API and Maps JavaScript API are enabled for this Plugin.


To manage the API Key, open the Google Cloud Platform Console page and click APIs & Services > Credentials on the left, and if necessary click Create credentials and choose API Key. When more familiar with this Console, you will find other routes to these Credentials.

API Key Credentials

This API Key must be copied to the Plugin Set Preference Options tab, Location Plot Options tab, Google Maps API Key field.
Then Close Plugin and run it again to ensure the new API Key is applied to all features.

In the Console click on the API key link to reach more management options.

API Key Restrictions

If the key may have been compromised, then click REGENERATE KEY to create a new API Key.
The old API Key will remain active for 24 hours.

API restrictions can be applied to restrict use in case the API Key is compromised.
For this Plugin, they can be constrained to just the Geocoding API and Maps JavaScript API.
If Select API offers no API, then skip this step, as none are enabled, so no restriction is needed.

When finished, scroll down, and click @Save@ to preserve changes, else click Cancel or blue left arrow top left to quit.

The next step is to Manage Quota Limits, or return to the Google Maps Geocoder ~ Manage API Key section.

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