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To get an API Key, it is necessary to create a Google Billing Account with a debit/credit card, but it should never be charged, because there is $200 free credit per month, and Quota limits can prevent exceeding that credit.


Open the Google Maps Platform Guide for Existing Users and if necessary Sign in to your Google Account created in the Create Google Account step.

Guide for Existing Users

For further details about the Google Maps Platform, click any of the topics on the left, such as Pricing and Billing Changes.

Then click @GET STARTED@ or create a new account to reach the Enable Google Maps Platform dialogue.

Pick Product Places

Do NOT tick Maps on left nor Routes in centre, but only Places on the right before clicking @CONTINUE@ to reach the project name dialogue.

Enter new project name or accept the default, accept the Terms of Service, and click @NEXT@.

If the Enable billing for project popup appears briefly, and automatically returns to the Guide for Existing Users screen shown above, then abandon this dialogue, and skip to the next step to Try Google Maps Free.

Create Billing Account

Select CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT and then Continue and Confirm, whilst reviewing options.

Enter the Billing Account profile details required, including your credit/debit card.

In future to manage the Billing Account, open the Google Cloud Platform Console home page and click Billing on the left.

The next step is to Get Personal API Key, or return to the Google Maps Geocoder ~ Manage API Key section.

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