Map Life Facts ~ Create Google Account


If you already have a free Google Account then skip this step and go to Enable Billing Account.

If you already use a Google product such as Gmail, then you have a Google Account. If not sure, you can check by visiting the Google Account Recovery page, and enter any email address you think you might have used to create a Google Account.

Create your Google Account


To create a free Google Account open the Create your Google Account page and enter the details like most other online accounts.

Enter your First name and Last name.

Enter a Username if you wish to create a matching Gmail Account.
Otherwise, click Use my current email address instead to use any existing Email address.

Create and confirm a new Password for this account.

Click NEXT and complete further required details such as gender, birthday, mobile phone number, etc.

From you can Sign out from or Sign in to the account at any time and adjust the settings as required.

The next step is to Enable Billing Account, or return to the Google Maps Geocoder ~ Manage API Key section.

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