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With a valid API Key, the Geocode Plot All Locations button submits ALL Locations to the Google Geocoding Service at several plots per second, but Defined plots can be excluded. Geocoding starts from the chosen Location, and a Progress Bar shows how long it will take. Use its Stop Plotting Locations button to halt plotting. Geocoding will resume from the interrupted Location unless it is altered. See also Frequently Asked Questions.

Geocode Location Plots

Geocode Some Locations - Class

With a valid API Key, the Geocode Plot Some Locations button allows any Statistics class of Locations to be Geocoded selectively.

Geocode Some Locations - Confirm

With a valid API Key, the Geocode Plot This Location button Geocodes the chosen Location to obtain its Latitude & Longitude and place a Marker on the map.

Un-plotted locations can have a Marker added after zooming in, by right-clicking in the Google Maps pane, or double-clicking in the Leaflet Maps pane. It can then be dragged accurately into position.

WARNING! ADVICE! Geocoder Daily Quota Exceeded

Geocoder plots are limited per day, so when Geocoding is first used, a warning is given.

Standard Country Codes, State Abbreviations, Chapman Codes, and other plotting enhancements are governed by the Smart Geocoding Set Preference Option.

The Geocoder can be biased to prefer locations in a particular region by using the Region Bias Code Set Preference Option.

Manage Location Plots

The Statistics show how many Locations are plotted, and how many un-plotted for various reasons.

~ ~ Plotted ( Tentative ) ~ ~ ~ ~ Number plotted automatically by the Geocoder
~ ~ Defined ( non-Tentative ) ~ ~ ~ ~ Number plotted by editing, dragging, or nudging Lat/Longitude values
~ ~ No Plot ( Blocked ) ~ ~ ~ ~ Number un-plotted because not found by the Geocoder
~ ~ Invalid ~ ~ ~ ~ Number un-plotted because of an error from the Geocoder
~ ~ No Data ~ ~ ~ ~ Number un-plotted because not submitted to the Geocoder ~ ~

In fh V6 with the database in Place Records those Statistics have slightly different meanings as shown in brackets, but otherwise behave as below. Also Substitute equates to Standardized.

Click the Location button to obtain a list derived from the Facts in your GEDCOM data. It can list all Place Fields, or Address Fields, or Address ~ Place fields, as chosen by the Locations From Set Preference Option. Each list entry is colour coded to match the Statistics and is truncated to 260 characters, but the underlying data is unaffected.

If Locations plotted by the Geocoder are in the wrong place, first Set Preference Options to the correct Region Bias Code, then ensure the County/State &/or Country are specified for the Location. Either use fh Tools > Work With Data > Places/Addresses, or use the methods below for resolving the No Plot status.

Locations not auto-plotted by the Geocoder are shown as No Plot. These can be rectified by altering your GEDCOM data, by entering an alternative Substitute location, by manually setting Latitude & Longitude values, by nudging with N S E W buttons, or dragging the Marker. Use the Copy Location to Substitute button to load the Substitute field ready for editing. Strangely, removing the county or country may improve the Geocoder auto-plotting success. Otherwise, try a Substitute modern equivalent address, place, or postcode. Alternatively, selecting an Address ~ Place option can improve success rates, because each Address is given a Place context. Any text in a Location enclosed in "quotes" (such as a house or building name), or in [[brackets]], is excluded from the Geocoder. The Latitude & Longitude values use the decimal point dot (.) symbol, even if the Windows Control Panel custom Regional and Language Options define a comma (,) symbol.

The Geocoder can respond with Invalid Request suggesting there may be invalid characters in the Location text.

The Status: Geocoder API Unknown Error indicates a server problem.

Whereas Geocoder API Request Denied suggests the API Key is invalid, so check the Manage API Key section.

If plots are submitted too fast, the Geocoder may respond with Geocoder API Quota Exceeded, but this will become permanent if a daily Quota is exceeded. See the Manage Quota Limits section.

Once a Location has been plotted, if its position is not quite correct, then it can be nudged North, South, East, or West, or its Marker dragged, and increasing the Zoom level on the map allows more accurate placement.

Locations can be explored using the Next … buttons that usually search forwards, but holding down the Alt key reverses the search.

~ ~ Next Plotted ~ ~ ~ ~ Finds next Plotted entry
~ ~ Next Defined ~ ~ ~ ~ Finds next Defined entry
~ ~ Next Substitute ~ ~ ~ ~ Finds next Substitute entry, both plotted and un-plotted
~ ~ Next Unplotted ~ ~ ~ ~ Finds next unplotted entry ( No Plot, Invalid, No Data ) ~ ~

The Set Preference Options tab provides other settings for this plotting phase.

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