Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Restore tab


Make sure you have appropriate independent FH Program Data Folder backups, and either Windows Registry backups or suitable System Restore Points.

The RESTORE all Family Historian Custom & Preference Settings button offers the following features for each installed variant of Family Historian (e.g. Family Historian, Family Historian Demo 3.0, etc.):

  • Within the chosen Backup Data folder expects to find a sub-folder with the same name as the trailing FH Program Data Folder, which for the standard installation will simply be Family Historian, and holds all the preserved settings.
  • Restore does much the same as Backup for the reverse direction, but the RESTORE Tutorial Files and Program Data Files and Registry Data Keys options are selected individually.
  • If any file exists in the FH Program Data Folder, but not in the Backup folder, then the Plugin offers to delete it from the Program Data Folder.
  • If any file in the FH Program Data Folder is newer than the file being restored from the Backup folder, then the Plugin asks what to do ~ Copy Old Backup File or Keep New Program File.
  • User …AppData\Roaming\Calico Pie\Family Historian and …Public Documents\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Tutorial Files are restored and managed as above.
  • All the relevant Preference Settings stored in the Windows Registry are restored providing Family Historian is closed. Take care to follow the Restore Registry Data Keys instructions and close Family Historian before continuing. The Registry Data Keys button is only enabled if the Options tab Allow Restore Registry Data option is ticked. This button also restores the …AppData\Roaming\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Preferences\prefs.dat current Colour Scheme settings of fh V6.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for further advice.

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Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings – Restore tab

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