Query Window ~ Result Set Tab

To obtain the Result Set click the red triangular Run Query button to the right of the Query name box. See Index for related topics.

Press F1 to get the Help page and see The Result Set Tab for details of the options available for subsequent processing of the data.

Any entry that is a Record can be double-clicked to open its Property Box to review or edit fields.

Any entry that is a Data Field can be right-clicked to choose Locate in Property Box or Locate in All Tab.

Any entry that is a Data Field can have its contents deleted by pressing the Delete key. Also, by selecting multiple entries such as an entire column, then bulk deletes can be applied.

Since fh V6 the Save Results to File menu offers two Save As Comma-Separated CSV File options for UNICODE UTF-8 and ANSI encoding, but some spreadsheet programs do not handle UNICODE UTF-8 well, so try both options, or even the Save As Text File options with either Tab character or Comma as the Column separators. See also How to Open UTF-8 in Excel 2013-2016 and How to Import CSV file that uses UTF-8 in Excel 2007.