Creating a Married Women Query

Other animated tutorials, Using Lists to Mark a Diagram and Using Flags and Icons and Expressions, illustrate creating a Custom Query in conjunction with other features.

Animated Tutorial for V4 and above

This video was made on fh V5 and is an updated version of the V3 animated tutorial below.

Animated Tutorial for V3 in XP

This tutorial is for fh Version 3 on Windows XP, but despite slightly different toolbars, buttons, and colours, the concepts are still valid for later versions.

Creating a Simple Query

Unfortunately, the last few steps of this tutorial skip past too quickly, so to recap this Custom Query should have the following entries.

Columns tab: and Rows tab:
Heading Expression Filter
Individual %INDI% Exclude if %INDI.~SPOU>NAME:SURNAME% is null
Spouse Name(SURNAME) %INDI.~SPOU[1]>NAME[1]:SURNAME% Exclude if %INDI.SEX% matches Male

Then clicking the red triangular Run Query button should produce a Result Set of Married Women.