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Recording DNA Matches @how_to
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====== Recording DNA Matches ====== ===== Introduction ===== **DNA** matching has become an increasingly popular research... e techniques available in {{fh}} to record your **DNA** matches. ===== Details ===== [[Glossary:Work... include the {{fh}} **Extended Set** that has a **DNA Markers** fact already defined. [[Charting Compa
Export Gedcom File ~ Output Formats @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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A) Family Tree Analyzer]] * [[(FTD) Family Tree DNA|(FTD) Family Tree DNA]] * [[(FTM) Family Tree Maker 2014|(FTM) Family Tree Maker]] by The Software M... zer** does not use them. ===== (FTD) Family Tree DNA ===== This online tree offers DNA matching services. See the [[(FTD) Family Tree DNA|(FTD) Family Tr
Export Gedcom File ~ (FTD) Family Tree DNA @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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====== Export Gedcom File ~ (FTD) Family Tree DNA ====== ===== Introduction ===== The **Family Tree DNA** website allows **GEDCOM** files to be uploaded ... all **Media** are excluded because **Family Tree DNA** does not upload them. See both the [[#(FTD+) F... he year and made approximate. This is because for DNA purposes only **Birth** and **Death** events are
Charting Companion @how_to
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n Chart, Trellis Chart, X-chromosome Inheritance, DNA Charts, and many more. It can be run via the **C... 2017 for related tips. ===== Details ===== ==== DNA Kit Numbers ==== Some DNA charts need a **DNA Kit Number** for **Individual** records. This requires a [[Glossary:Facts#Custom F
Export Gedcom File ~ Version History @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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n * Adds new [[Output Formats#(FTD) Family Tree DNA|(FTD) Family Tree DNA]] export option * Updates [[Output Formats#(FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree|(FMP)
Recording Children with Foster/Adoptive Parents @how_to
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arents" to refer to those traced or confirmed via DNA analysis - they are not always the same and with the wider use of DNA analysis the difference can become important. Wit
Handling Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF) @how_to
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te | Individual | Standard **Emigration** | ^ _DNA ^ DNA Markers | Attribute | Individual | | ^ _ELEC ^ Elected | Attribute |
Genealogy Presentations @research
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Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG)]] ~ Promotes the use of DNA testing in genealogy. * [[https://www.familytr
Family Historian @how_to
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esearch To Do Lists]] V4 and above *[[Recording DNA Matches]] All versions *[[Understanding Scope o
Query:Individual ~ Male Lines @fhugdownloads:contents
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person. This may be useful where looking to do a DNA analysis. This works for 12 Generations. Add addi
Query:Individual ~ Female Lines with Generation Numbers @fhugdownloads:contents
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has an exclusively maternal line, for example for DNA testing preparation. Includes the Generation Numb