Utility ~ Spreadsheet: John Swallow's Family


Here is a spreadsheet that holds the members of a family together. I have enclose a real FGN sheet, so save it first under any name you like, then muck about with the working copy to see if it has any value for you.

Make a point of forcing in a Date of Birth (DoB) for the mother or changing the formulae cell references if the mother's maiden name is the line you are searching, otherwise the age of mother column will not compute. If I do not know the Mother's DoB I use a 20 yrs before the DoB of the first child or the same age of the father. I then put "Invented" in the field on the right of the DoB so that there will be no misunderstandings. Latterly, if the DoB is discovered, inserting it into the DoB field will recompute the mother's age column.

I, as you, use Family Historian V3 which provides a different data handling and presentational output to that of a spreadsheet.

This one page document is useful when stored in numerical order, make up your own numbering system, in that you can work with it alongside the image on your screen.

Family Group Sheet Example

Produced by admin (07/06/07)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FGNsheet.xls, then double click to open.