Query:Fact ~ Citation Details


The Citation Details Query lists all Facts (Events or Attributes) in the current file showing for each Fact what has been entered under various of the Citation and Source headings that are available for the first instance only.

The Citations (Multiple) Details Query lists Facts in the file for which one or more sources have been cited. The Query prompts for a Source instance. To see all Facts having at least 2 Sources, enter 2 when prompted. For Facts having at least 3 Sources, enter 3 and so on. This Query lists fewer Citation and Source headings than the former.

The Value column is only used with Attributes. It is always blank for Events.

The results are sorted by Fact name, but this can easily be adjusted to a different sort order to meet requirements.

As usual, clicking on a column heading in the Results Set whilst holing down the Alt key will bring to the top of the list results having an entry for that heading.

Citation Details Result Set

Citations (Multiple) Details Result Set

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FHQ file, then double click it to import to Family Historian Version 4 or later.

It will Import into earlier versions, but does not work, and can only be deleted using View > Custom Queries > Delete Custom Query.