Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (7) Save to Family Historian


This is the final step, so before committing the data to be saved, just check it over carefully.

After the data has been saved, it can be examined in Family Historian, and modified if necessary.

Watch the associated Save to Family Historian tutorial video.

Save Entry to File

When satisfied, click the Save File button near the left of the toolbar, or use File > Save Entry To File.

Answer Yes to the warning message regarding adding parents to this individual.

For the key person’s Birth Event, where better Date or Place details are suggested by this Baptism, a popup window offers options to accept or reject the suggestions.

Various Birth Event options can be selected by using Tools > Options… > General settings and Baptism settings.

Since Arthur HODGES has no Birth Event recorded, choose Create birth event with suggested date and place, and click the Finish button.

Then, and only then, will Ancestral Sources commit the data entry to the GEDCOM database.

Birth Event Suggestions

If you use Tools > View Log Files… it show a comprehensive list of all the changes made.

Finally, close Ancestral Sources by using the File > Exit option.

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