Separate BMD Sources

Download this prototype Plugin via this link:

separate_bmd_sources.fh_lua Separate BMD Sources Version 2.1



This Plugin is useful where you have a global Source Record for multiple BMD Records and want a separate Source Record for each type of BMD Event.

It is strongly recommended that you run this Plugin on a COPY of your data, until satisfied with results.


The Plugin works by scanning all Events in both Individual and Family records.

When it finds a Birth, Baptism, Christening, Marriage, Death, or Burial Event it checks every Source cited to see if it matches your global Source Record title.

The first time such a Source is encountered for say a Birth Event, it creates a new Source.

All the primary fields in the old Source are copied to the new Source, except that the full Title &/or Short Title have " - Birth" appended. So "BMD England" would become "BMD England - Birth". Also the new Source Type will be set to Birth. This new Source then replaces the old Source in the Birth Event citation.

The same technique is used for Marriage Events by appending " - Marriage", for Death Events by appending " - Death", and similarly for the other Events. Also the Source Type will be set accordingly.

Any subsequent BMD Event that cites a previously processed old Source will have the same new Source substituted.

The old global Source Records are not deleted, they just won't be cited by any Events. (You can delete them yourself when satisfied with the results.)

Alternatively, if you already have a new Source Record for each type of Event then these can be nominated as the replacements for the old global Source.

Currently, the old and new Source Record Titles must be edited into the first few lines of the Plugin:

StrTitleFROM = "BMD England"
StrTitleBIRT = "England Births"
StrTitleMARR = "England Marriages"
StrTitleDEAT = "England Deaths"
StrTitleBAPM = "England Baptisms"
StrTitleCHR  = "England Christenings"
StrTitleBURI = "Engalnd Burials"


This Plugin does NOT create a separate Source Record for each Source Document.

That might be a future development if there was enough demand.

However, it is step in that direction.