Trim Date And Text Fields Plugin


The purpose of this Plugin is to trim the contents of Date, Note, Address & Place fields prior to uploading a GEDCOM to an online website. The objective is to hide details so that visitors to the online tree are encouraged to contact the owner to confirm matches and obtain the details.

This Plugin can delete a great deal of information. So use File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File beforehand, and run this Plugin on the exported GEDCOM file. The settings are saved globally and applied by default to every GEDCOM file.

Project Warning

Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media offers practical advice on how to Export to Website Without Sensitive Data using that technique.

If this Plugin is run on a Project then a warning message is produced.


The main Trim Date and Text Fields dialogue offers various options to trim data, etc, which are saved when the Trim Fields button is used.

After trimming the data any changes can be reversed by using Edit > Undo Plugin Updates before closing fh.

Trim Date and Text Fields Dialogue

  • Select trim Date fields mode :
    • No Date field trim
    • Delete entire Date
    • Keep first/only Year keeps just the first or only Year in any Date format
    • Omit Day & Month trims every Day and Month but keeps everything else
    • Omit Day number trims every Day number but keeps everything else
  • Select trim Note fields mode :
    • No Note field trim
    • Delete entire Note
    • Delete [[private]] text trims all bracketed [[private]] text from Notes
  • Select trim Address fields mode :
    • No Address field trim
    • Delete all columns deletes entire Address field
    • Keep last column trims all but the right most comma separated column part
    • Keep last n columns where n is 2 to 5 trims leading columns
  • Select trim Place fields mode :
    • No Place field trim
    • Delete all columns deletes entire Place field
    • Keep last column trims all but the right most comma separated column part
    • Keep last n columns where n is 2 to 5 trims leading columns
  • Purge unused Place records ?
    • Clear box to retain all Place records
    • Tick box to delete any Place records with 0 Links
  • Create Result Set of changes ?
    • Clear box to omit Result Set that may be very large and slow to create & appear
    • Tick box to include Result Set of every data change
  • Trim Fields button invokes the trimming process, saves the option settings above for future runs of the Plugin, and initiates a progress bar with a Stop Trimming Fields button
  • Cancel Plugin button terminates the Plugin without saving the option settings
  • Help & Advice button displays this Help page in a browser

Result Set Display

The Result Set lists the changed fields under the following columns.

  • Action will be one of:
    • 1. Date Field Trim Success/Failure
    • 2. Note Field Trim Success/Failure
    • 3. Address Field Trim Success/Failure
    • 4. Place Field Trim Success/Failure
    • 5. Place Record Purge Success/Failure
  • Record lists the name of the record affected
  • Type lists the type of record such as INDI, FAM, OBJE, etc
  • RecId lists the Record Id of the record affected
  • Old Val lists the original text value before being trimmed
  • New Val lists the trimmed value with click options to open the Property Box

If the Result Set is not produced then a message indicates how many items were trimmed.

Version History

  • V1.0 First published in Plugin Store
  • V0.1-0.3 Prototype versions in FHUG Forums
CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International
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