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Records Statistics

The Records table lists the 10 Record types and All Record totals for the columns:

  • Count = number of Records
  • Media = number of Media items linked directly to a Record or its Citations
  • Cites = number of Citations linked to a Record or its Notes, Associated Persons, etc
  • Links = number of links from other Records
  • Idents = number of Custom Id, Automatic Record Id & Permanent Record No
  • Oldest Update = oldest Updated date
  • Latest Update = latest Updated date

The Individuals table lists the number of each Sex, how many are Parentless, how many have Many Parents, have No Birth Event, have No Death Event without a Living Flag, and the number in each relations Pool. If more than 8 Pools, then the top and bottom few are listed, with the rest grouped in between. These Pool counts are inhibited in fh V5.

The Families table lists the number of Both Sex Pairs, Same Sex Pairs, One Parent & No Parents Families. It gives a Max.Spouses count, and how many Families have No Marriage Event without an unmarried Status, or are Childless. It gives the Total Children, with Ave.Children & Max.Children per Family.

The Flags table lists a Count of Individuals linked to each Flag, with up to 15 Flags sorted by popularity. If more than 14 Flags, then the top 7 and bottom 7 are listed, with the rest grouped against other Flags.

Any value with one or more associated exceptions is marked in red with an explanation in the Result Set Exceptions Report.

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