Rearrange Address and Place Parts ~ Result Set


The Result Set lists Input Address/Place fields versus Output Address/Place fields, but only an example instance of each unique pair of fields is listed, in order to minimise the set for large Projects.

Use Tools > Work with Data > Addresses/Places or FH V6 Place records to make any further changes, such as deleting FH V6 Place records with 0 links.

Result Set


With FH V6 Place records, some Output Place names need explanation, and are best listed by sorting on the Output Place names.

Divergent Cloned Place Names

With mappings that insert or change Place parts, it is possible for one Input Place name to diverge into several Output Place names. The Plugin creates a cloned copy from the Input Place record for each Output Place record and adds a prefix to each Place name, e.g.

{E0}Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
{E1}Ayre Road, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
{E2}Palace Road, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
{E3}St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland

The prefix numbered zero such as {E0} identifies the original Place record that will often have 0 links, and may need to be deleted.

The others are the cloned copies, that need to be ratified by hand, and the prefix removed.

Convergent Merged Place Names

With mappings that delete or tidy Place parts, it is possible for several Input Place names to converge into one Output Place name. The Plugin cannot reliably perform the Merge of the Place records, so it adds a suffix to each convergent Place name, e.g.

Orlando, Florida, USA{H1}
Orlando, Florida, USA{H2}
Orlando, Florida, USA{H3}

These must be Merged by hand to ratify the Place record field values, and remove the suffix.

Divergent and Convergent Names

It is possible for a Place record to be both a clone to be ratified, and also need merging with other records. These will have both a prefix and a suffix. It is advisable to ratify the clones and remove the prefix before performing the merge, because then all the records needing to be merged will sort together.

Removing Prefix & Suffix Text

The easiest way to bulk remove the prefix or suffix text is to use the Search and Replace Plugin and follow its Help & Advice > Usage Examples > Place Name Changes in FH V6 > Global Change Example, i.e. Set Search Scope: Place Records (_PLAC) and tick Place fields but clear all other Basic Filters. Also select the LUA Pattern Mode top right. Alternatively, use the preconfigured presets below.

The Search pattern to match every prefix is: ^{%u+ -%d+}
The Search pattern to match every suffix is: {%u+ -%d+}$
The Search pattern to match them both is: {%u+ -%d+}
Leave the Replace box clear.

You may need those repeatedly, and initialising them is tedious, so a download file is provided.

Download the rapp_delete.fhdata RAPP Delete file to your Project's Public folder or somewhere easy to find such as the Desktop.

Run the Search and Replace Plugin, click Manage Presets at bottom, and then Import. Navigate to and Open the RAPP Delete.fhdata downloaded file, and the Presets will be imported, and are Locked to prevent accidental changes. Select all the new Presets and click >> Save >> to preserve them. Click Finished.

Now select each Preset as required and:

  • Click Search & Replace button, and click Replace button to confirm each change.
  • When satisfied the changes are OK, untick Confirm every item found and click Replace once.
  • When complete a Result Set of changes is listed.
  • Double-click any new Place to open its Property Box.
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