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The Map All Individuals button will try to create a map for every Individual, and the Map Some Individuals button for each Individual selected interactively. In both cases a Progress Bar shows how long the mapping will take. Use its Stop Web Page Mapping button to halt mapping. On completion, the Maps Folder chosen in the Set Preference Options will be displayed in Windows Explorer. Pressing Map This Individual will create a Web Page Map for the Individual selected below, and display it in your default browser.

With a valid API Key, any Locations needing Geocoder plotting, will be submitted to the Google Geocoding Service as necessary for each Individual using the same rules as for Geocode Location Plots. Otherwise, each Web Page Map will still list the Facts but for un-plotted Locations the hyperlinks and Markers will be missing.

The introduction of Leaflet Maps has changed the format of Web Page Map files. If only some are updated, then Update other map files in this folder to new format? is requested.

Geocoder plots are limited per day, so when Map All Individuals or Map Some Individuals are first used a warning is given.

Create Web Page Maps WARNING! ADVICE! Geocoder Daily Quota Exceeded

Manage Individual Maps

The Statistics show how many Individuals are mapped, and how many unmapped for various reasons.

The Individual button offers a list derived from your GEDCOM data. Each Individual listed is colour coded to match the Statistics and is truncated to 260 characters, but the underlying data is unaffected.

The Map status for each Individual shows either a Web Page Map filename, or Omitted if no Facts have plotted Locations, or Filtered if the Privacy Filter applies. However, only the filename status is shown after the Maps Folder is changed, or the Plugin is closed.

The Delete This Map button allows an individual map file to be deleted from the Maps Folder.

Whenever a mapped Individual is selected, multiple Markers are plotted on the map below, similar to the Web Page Map. Hover or click on any Marker to reveal its Caption or Popup details. Click elsewhere on the map to restore the original default view.

If the Name or Record Id of any Individual is changed in Family Historian, then when they are selected a Status message such as map1.html for Anthony MUNRO will appear. All such Web Page Map files should be mapped again or deleted.

The Status: Geocoder API Unknown Error indicates a server problem.

Whereas Geocoder API Request Denied suggests the API Key is invalid, so check the Manage API Key section.

If plots are submitted too fast, the Geocoder may respond with Geocoder API Quota Exceeded, but this will become permanent if a daily Quota is exceeded. See the Manage Quota Limits section.

The Set Preference Options tab provides other settings for this plotting phase.

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