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The Google Geocoding Service and Google Mapping Service require a personal API Key that can be obtained and managed as explained in the Manage API Key section below. Otherwise, all location plotting requests will get the Geocoder API Request Denied status, and maps will say Sorry/Oops! Something went wrong.

The location plotting Geocoding API service is speed limited, making web pages load sluggishly if they have more than a handful of plots. To avoid this, the Google Geocoding Service is run by this Plugin to establish Latitude & Longitude plots, and then the created web page maps use the much faster Google Mapping Service to mark these plots. Plotting can be done for all Locations, or just those needed for selected web page maps.

When a Location is plotted, the Geocoder presents a Marker on its map in a style similar to the final web page maps. Hover or click on the Marker to reveal its Caption or Popup details. Click elsewhere on the map to restore the original default view.

You can interact with the map just like any Google Map or Leaflet Map by using the embedded controls. For example, you may choose between Map and Satellite presentations, adjust the Zoom (+ –), and even open Street View.

Google Maps Mode Leaflet Maps Mode

Manage API Key

Google Maps API Key Required

First time users will be offered the API Key Required options.

To obtain and manage a personal API Key for the Google Geocoding Service and Google Mapping Service follow the steps below. A credit/debit card is needed, but should not be charged if the Quota Limits are set within the free usage allowance.

Click Enter the 'API Key' to enter the new API Key within Set Preference Options.

Click Disable Google API to use Leaflet Maps mode instead.

If these steps do not behave as described then STOP and ask for advice in the FHUG Forum for Plugin Discussions.

Once the API Key has been entered into the Plugin, the Google Account does NOT need to be signed in.

Then Close Plugin and run it again to ensure the new API Key is applied to all features.

If the above steps are not applied correctly, then the following Plugin error screens may arise.

Invalid Billing Account and minimum Quotas exceeded: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Invalid API Key or Quota Limits exceeded:

For development purposes only Oops! Something went wrong

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