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Lookup Missing Census Facts ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V4.3

  • Allows reviews of Census Records for Germany and Norway but without online searches
  • Improves the check for whether each person was at home or abroad on missing Census dates
  • Caters for polygamous relationships when assigning marriage surnames
  • Adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button
  • Redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues

Features of V4.2

  • Adds search options for the FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites
  • Fixes broken Ancestry links to some Census years due to their URL changes
  • Improves the search filters and adds F.A.Q. tips for refining the filters

Features of V4.1

  • Adds new Exclude any partial Census Records … collections option
  • Adds new Exclude each person with too few Primary Name parts … option
  • Adds some useful extra Result Set column details
  • Now uses all given names in FindMyPast lookup searches
  • Caters for any Date Phrase without an interpreted Date
  • Mitigates erroneous =EstimatedBirthDate() values in certain scenarios

Features of V4.0

  • Now also checks the Family facts such as Census (family)
  • Internally sorts facts by Date in case they are out-of-sequence after updates
  • Census Place names matching is case-insensitive and leading & trailing space tolerant
  • Adds the [Record Id] to the Individual in the Lookup Web Page heading
  • The sorting of Date columns in the Lookup Web Page that was broken is now mended

Features of V3.9

  • Added England & Wales 1939 Register census at breakout of WW2
  • Fixed minor problems with some Other household members included in Searches

Features of V3.8

  • Remove "new." from "" changed web address
  • Reinstate V3.5 features accidentally removed

Features of V3.7

  • Minor update to fix possible issues with HTML/URL encoding

Features of V3.6

  • Supports V6.0 Unicode UTF-8 accented characters
  • Web search scripts now stored in the ProgramData folder in the \Plugin Data\ sub-folder

Features of V3.5

  • Adds a Minimum Age threshold option for all Census Records or just those that only list adults
  • U.K. Census Records 1801 & 1821 Dartford, Kent, England added
  • U.S.A. Census Records 1890 Civil War Veterans & Widows Schedule added
  • Ireland Census Records 1766 added but only fragments survive
  • Canada Census Records 1825 & 1842 added only for lower Canada
  • Canada Census Records 1906 & 1916 now restricted to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
  • Now searches all Facts unless more than 999 Individual records are involved

Features of V3.4

Features of V3.3

  • Ireland Census Records 1749-1911 added but only fragments for some years
  • U.K. Census Records 1790 & 1831 added but only fragments
  • Lookup Web Page has better column details and all can be sorted

Features of V3.2

  • Uses the FindMyPast A-Z of Record Sets World Search mode that offers better search filters
  • On all websites only adds Spouse search filter if married at time of Census
  • On all websites only adds Parent search filters if unmarried and under 21 at time of Census
  • On FindMyPast only adds these Spouse/Parent and Birth and Gender filters where supported
  • Creates the Lookup Web Page as a checklist even if no website Census records available

Features of V3.1

  • Supports the web site and updated World Search style interface
  • Further improvements to the user interface

Features of V3.0

Features of V2.9

  • Canadian 1921 Census added
  • Minor improvements to the user interface

Features of V2.8

Features of V2.7

Features of V2.6

  • Add all FindMyPast World Search web sites for UK/USA Census
  • Automatically delete 1-hour old temporary web page files (.js & .css & .html)

Features of V2.5

V2.0 to V2.4

  • FHUG Work in Progress development versions

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