Lookup Missing BMD Records Plugin

Lookup Missing BMD Records

This Plugin offers ways of looking up missing Birth/Baptism, or Marriage, or Death/Burial (BMD) records online.

The BMD Records to review may be from England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Worldwide.

Choose any web sites that have a subscription account or a free account.

Each web site offers various BMD Records for many countries but may be incomplete.

The Individuals to search can be all Ancestors or all Descendants or all Ancestors & Descendants or all Relations of one chosen person, or anyone chosen via the Select Records dialogue.

Tick Exclude each person with too few Primary Name parts… to skip any person where a lookup is likely to yield too many results.

Tick Exclude each person whose missing details are more probably in another country's records to skip any such Event.

Enter Quarter Date Source Type text to inhibit any Event with a Quarter Date and its first Citation is a Source whose Type contains the text. This allows UK GRO Index citations to inhibit the lookup for missing records. Leave this option blank to include such items in the lookup.

Choose Place parts to use lets Last 2 parts or First 2 parts be extracted from Place names to provide County/State and Country filters.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more advice about these and associated options.

The Lookup Missing BMD Records button searches the chosen Individuals for missing BMD Records during their lifetime, and presents a Lookup Web Page to initiate online searches, and a Result Set to quickly open the Property Box of each Individual.

The Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button presents the Lookup Web Page from the preceding use of the Plugin.

Use the Restore Defaults button to reset the installation defaults for all GUI window options, positions, and sizes.

Use the Set Window Fonts button to Set Window Fonts and Colours and the Help & Advice button to display these online help pages.

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