Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Non-Image Media URL

This process will create Non-Image Media URL icon hyperlinks.

  1. Run this Plugin and on its Media Popups Tab click the Turn non-image Media into icons button, then close the Plugin.
    • That replaces each non-image Media File link with a link to a matching Icon file, and preserves the original Format and File fields in the Last Change Note.

  2. Use Publish > Create a Website/Make a family Tree CD/DVD as usual, which will honour the Media settings for Non-Image Media as for Image Media.
    • If you check the resulting web pages that include Non-Image Media there will be a PDF or Word or Text or other Icon for each such Media, and clicking them will simply popup the icon.

  3. Run this Plugin again and on its Media Popups Tab click the the Convert all media file Popups … button.
    • That copies the original non-image file to a media sub-folder of the web pages folder.
      • It converts the Icon popups so they hyperlink to those non-image files.
      • It should cope with filenames that use accented characters in the ANSI set.
      • It restores the original Format and File fields from the Last Change Note.
      • If there happens to be a real Last Change Note then that is retained.
      • To maintain DOCTYPE XHTML 1.0 Strict compatibility the hyperlinks do NOT use target="_blank" so may open the file on same tab/window. However, this can be altered by using the Hyperlinks / Text Tab.

To reverse the effect of step 1. either use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates or perform step 3. without step 2..

A side effect is the Update date/time of each Non-Image Media record gets updated. However, if the whole process is performed successively in one session, then two uses of Edit > Undo Plugin Updates gets back to where you started.

Icon Files

When step 1. is used, a default set of Icon files is added to the C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Plugin Data folder as necessary. Their file names are improve_pdf_icon.jpg, improve_doc_icon.jpg, improve_txt_icon.jpg and improve_etc_icon.jpg. The first three apply to PDF, DOC/DOCX & TXT non-image Media files and the last one for everything else.

This set of Icon files can be easily expanded to give specific icons for RTF, audio, video, or other file types. If you adjust those files on your PC then they will be used instead of the FHUG Knowledge Base files.

improve_pdf_icon.jpg improve_doc_icon.jpg improve_txt_icon.jpg improve_etc_icon.jpg

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