Import From PAF ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 'Sentences' and other features illogical for new 'Custom Facts'?

The Plugin only creates raw GEDCOM tags for any new Custom Facts, which must be fully defined using Tools > Work with Fact Sets. In the Event/Attribute List tick Show Hidden, and click the Fact Set column heading to bring all undefined Labels to the top. Select each Label in turn, and click Properties to create its Fact Definition including a Sentence Template, and click Help for detailed advice.

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How can a 'Note Tag' be mapped onto a different 'Custom Fact Tag'?

If a Custom Fact Tag is established before using this Plugin, then the Data Reference can be edited to match its GEDCOM Tag.
e.g. EVEN-CUSTOM_FACT for Events, or _ATTR-CUSTOM_FACT for Attributes, with the Name Custom Fact.

Such tags may be inherent in the imported GEDCOM data, or be created with Tools > Work with Fact Sets > New before using the Plugin.

Alternatively, after running this Plugin use the Change Any Fact Tag Plugin to rename the Custom Facts.

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Why are some 'Marriage/Divorce Note Tags' moved to the wrong Family?

Spouse family Facts such as Marriage and Divorce pose a possible problem when there are multiple Spouses, because for example the 1st MARRIAGE: Tag may belong to the 2nd Spouse Marriage, but the Plugin will move it to the 1st Spouse Marriage.

In this example, a dummy empty MARRIAGE: Tag must be inserted prior to the genuine Tag to make it use the 2nd Spouse Marriage. (Ensure to put a blank line before any Tag, and one space after its colon.)

The Plugin produces a Result Set with multiple Spouse families at the top to help investigation and correction.

The same dummy empty Tag technique may be used for any other multiple Facts.

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If too many 'Note Tags' to fit on the screen, how do I shrink the window?

Use the Set Window Fonts button that should be visible at the top of the window.

Use the Choose Body text Font and default Colour button to select a smaller font Size.
If not available from the drop list, then type a Size digit directly into the box.

Click OK and then click the Minimum Size button and Close Dialogue.

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What causes "The Internet appears to be inaccessible" message?

This Plugin checks the Plugin Store for a later version via the Internet. If there is no connection, this message is produced.

While there is no connection, the message is inhibited by all Plugins with this feature, until none of them have been run for 10 hours, or one of them detects the connection is restored.

Also the online Help & Advice pages will be inaccessible.

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