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These options are presented in four framed sections that may be used independently.


The grid lists each PAF Note Tag with a Fact Option and Text Field that define a Data Reference for text moved from the PAF Tag.

If you only use default PAF Tags (Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, Census & Biography), then Move all Note Tags keeps Biography text in the Individual local Note and moves the rest to a matching Fact local Note. Any Tag prefixed with a 4 digit Year, such as 1781Census, will set it as the Date of the Fact. Other destination text fields may be chosen from the Default Text Field list.

If you have user-defined PAF Tags or other special needs, then the Note Tag Features page offers further advice.

_UID UDF Frame:

The _UID UDF tags hold PAF user id codes that can be deleted or moved to the Custom Id field.

Choose the Move _UID UDF to destination option, and then use the Move all _UID UDF button.

_AKA UDF Frame:

The _AKA UDF tags hold Also Known As names that can be moved to a valid field or deleted.

Choose the Move _AKA UDF to destination option, and then use the Move all _AKA UDF button.

If necessary, use Tools > Work with Fact Sets and Show Hidden to define the Properties of the AKA Custom Attribute.


Most Date Phrases arise from PAF Dates that do not use recognised Family Historian Date formats.

For Marriage Dates PAF supports the Not Married code that can become a Marriage Status field.

If needed, choose the NOT MARRIED status option, and then use the Mend Date Phrases button.

Subsequently, use the Find Date Phrases Plugin to list any that were not mended.

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