FTP Website Manager


The Website Manager is designed to update a Family Historian generated website. The first time it is run it will send all your pages to the Host you select on the options page. It will create a list of the pages sent to the server and next time you run it only pages which have been changed will be sent.

First Time Run

The first time you run the plugin. It may prompt to download several required modules which extend Lua to allow FTP access, please simply select 'OK' as long as you have internet access.

Once the Menu appears select the Change Settings Option to set up the details for your FTP server.


Change Settings

The Change settings dialogue allows the configuration of your web space settings, please see your internet service providers site to obtain the details you need for this.

  • Source Folder
    • This is the folder you created your website in. It uses the default folder in your projects public folder, but can be changed using the … button.
  • FTP Host :
    • The name of your FTP server, most commonly this is also your website
  • FTP Folder :
    • The folder on your web server to upload your site to, most commonly htdocs or blank.
  • FTP User :
    • The user id provided by your service provider for your web space
  • FTP Password:
    • The password for your FTP account

Update Site

This option will automatically check all the pages in your selected folder, against the last time the plug was run any items which have changed since the last run will be uploaded to the server. Any items in the webspace which do not exist in the PC folder will be deleted.

On first run all files in the folder will be uploaded.

N.B At this time subfolders are not supported.

Clear Page History

Clears the page history, all items in the folder will be uploaded on the next run.

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