Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V3.7

  • Fixes issues with duplicate close relatives, missing Update date, and ± character
  • Fixes problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed

Features of V3.6

  • Supports V6.0 with Unicode characters and new all numeric Soundex codes

Features of V3.5

  • New GUI library and F1 key Help for current tab

Features of V3.4

  • The Find Duplicates Tab has improved threshold Date selection options
  • The Omit Non-Duplicates Tab allows multiple entries to be selected and moved
  • Enhanced user interface features and updated help pages
  • Stack overflow problem and preference option problems fixed
  • Loading family Pools dropped in favour of demand driven creation of Individual data

Features of V3.3

  • Better Progress Bar message while loading any large family Relationship Pool

Features of V3.2

  • Include the CREMation event in death related assessments
  • Detection of all same sex parents
  • More efficient database construction and assessment loop

Features of V3.1

  • Include all multiple Relations and all multiple Events in assessments

Features of V3.0

  • First public Plugin Store version

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